New here really need some help!!!!!

Hi there,

New to this forum and new to the E1 Oracle software.

I have entered a purchase order into the system and realized I put in the wrong supplier address (vendor) and need to fix it but I keep getting the error message Address Number invalid - the address number entered is not found in the address book master file (F0101).

The vendor that I need to change it to is in the address book so I'm confused??


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Is the supplier defined in the address book and supplier master? Launch P04012 from the fast path (I assume you know how to do this?) and verify that the address exists. If it does not exist, add it. Then come back to the PO app and change the address# there.


One other item that may be causing you issues is if the Address Book record exists but you do not have security to it. Is your organization using row security that might be having an impact?