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New environments for Xe OW


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JDE List,

I am looking for information regarding creation of the Save environment to
be used with OMW in Xe. I am wanting to create this as SV7333 and only need
Central Objects.

I need an additional environment for Foreign Tables (FT7333) and am
wondering if I can use the same info for this. I do have documentation for
creating a non-upgradable OW environment for 73.3.2 and could use this.

Thanks in advance!

OW Xe B73.3.3 SP14.1 AIX
IBM RS/6000 AIX 4.3.3 Enterprise Server
Oracle DB (including Central Objects)
NT 4.0 Deployment Server
"fat" Win95/Win98 and TSE/Citrix "thin" clients

James Wilson
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