New Data Dictionary Item Naming Convention


Can someone please explain me the right naming convention for new data dictionary items.

Up to now we used a $ sign followed by a maximum of 4 letter alias see example below

Alias: $DGR
Product Code: 56
Description: DispoGroup

We didn't had any problems with this but is this naming convention save for upgrade to Xe?

Any help or white papers would be greatly appreciated.


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JDE OW 7332 SP 11.3, AS400


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we use 56$xxx and this works fine. in fact we often use more than 3
characters after the $ and this is fine too.

Tom Brown

1. Data Item name
custom Data Items in One World are supposed to be named like
where "Y"=fixed (compare the "$" sign in World Software) and "ss" = the
System Code 55-59 (or -> 65)
and "nnnn..." = the descriptive name.
Max. length = 40

2. One World ALIAS
a) when using the DD item in co-existence (means database on AS400 and
accessed/maintained by World Software as well) :
as World Software requires a naming like "$nnn" (where "$" is a fixed
character to indicate custom Data Items),
and as Data Dictionaries in World and OneWorld need to be synchronized in
co-existence, you need to go for
the "$nnn" naming in this case. Max. length = 4.
b) not running co-existence
naming should be like "Yssnnnn..." where "Y" and "ss" mean the same as in
1. and "nnn..." is the short name.
Max. length is 10.

Hope this helps.