New Data Dictionary Item Naming Convention


Can someone please explain me the right naming convention for new data dictionary items.

Up to now we used a $ sign followed by a maximum of 4 letter alias see example below

Alias: $DGR
Product Code: 56
Description: DispoGroup

We didn't had any problems with this but is this naming convention save for upgrade to Xe?

Any help or white papers would be greatly appreciated.

JDE OW 7332 SP 11.3, AS400


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we use 56$xxx and this works fine. in fact we often use more than 3
characters after the $ and this is fine too.

Tom Brown

1. Data Item name
custom Data Items in One World are supposed to be named like
where "Y"=fixed (compare the "$" sign in World Software) and "ss" = the
System Code 55-59 (or -> 65)
and "nnnn..." = the descriptive name.
Max. length = 40

2. One World ALIAS
a) when using the DD item in co-existence (means database on AS400 and
accessed/maintained by World Software as well) :
as World Software requires a naming like "$nnn" (where "$" is a fixed
character to indicate custom Data Items),
and as Data Dictionaries in World and OneWorld need to be synchronized in
co-existence, you need to go for
the "$nnn" naming in this case. Max. length = 4.
b) not running co-existence
naming should be like "Yssnnnn..." where "Y" and "ss" mean the same as in
1. and "nnn..." is the short name.
Max. length is 10.

Hope this helps.