New address not saving to table for an employee


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My users are having an issue trying to update an employee's record in ERP 9.1 and it doesn't happen with all of the employees, just this one for some reason and I can't see a reason why it won't work.

Users open P0801
Enter in the Employee ID and select the record
Row Exit to Address Book (P01012)
Click on the Mailing tab and enter the new information and a new effective date into the screen
Click on the Save button
Once returned to the Work With Employee Information screen, press Find to ensure that the data has been updated (and it doesn't seem to matter if they don't do this step)
Row Exit to Address Book once more to confirm that the address has saved

The address has not saved

I haven't seen anything in F0101, F060116 or F0116 to indicate why it wouldn't update for this one employee. Is there somewhere else that I can check?