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Needed cross reference for the F31091


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One of us functionnal consultant try to modify OW manufacturing process to
use real produced quantity for planification. When asking for such
modificatoin to the response line, the only answer was "it will be made only
on the B9 version of OW". So, we have to manage specific process to do that.
To programm such specific, we need to know in wich process is involved the
table F31091 table. But we haven't any disk's space to get the cross
If someone have such information, it could be very useful for us.
Alrady, thanks for yours helps.
Serge Viardot
Technical consultant
Cap gemini

One World Xe update one under NT server


Here's what I got from cross reference. Not being an apllication consultant, I have no way of knowing if this is accurate or complete.

N3102000 F31091 Check Rate For Differen SECTION
ND3N4801 dcLINK Interface - Work Order SECTION
P3152 Line Schedule Review W3152A Line Schedule Review
P3156 Line Sequencing Workbench W3156A Sequencing Workbench
P3159 Line Dispatch List W3159A Work With Line Dispatch List
P48013 Manufacturing Work Order Proce W48013A Work Order Details
B3101650 Line Scheduling Workbench

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