(Need Help) Sales Update Failed - Invoice not Processed


Dear all members of JDElist forum.

Currently I have a problem, my Sales Update Final for one Invoice Number failed (Sales Update Proof is running succesfully), invoice number is 14090118 RI.
In my work center it said : "Insert to table F03B11 failed".
Then I open jdedebug.log for that UBE process, and it said : "unique constraint (PRODDTA.F03B11_PK) violated".
I've checked F0911 and F03B11, I'm sure there are no records for 14090118 RI.

This is what I've tested so far:
- I tried to change the Invoice Number and Invoice Date. Then I ran UBE sales update again. It didn't work.
- After that, I copied sales data from both F4211 and F4201 from PRODDTA to CRPDTA. I ran Sales Update for data in CRPDTA, it still failed.
(after this point, everything I tested was data in CRPDTA)
- I tried sales update partially (only 1 order number out of 127 order number), Sales update worked successfully.
- From this point, I can determine which SO can be sales updated successfully and which one cannot.
- I tried to sales update a SO number that originally cannot be sales updated succesfully, but now I tried to bypass "A/R update" from processing option. It ran succesfully.
However, it didn't create record in F03B11 since I bypass update to this table. So I know for certain that the problem is inserting into F03B11.
From this point I changed back the processing option so it won't bypass update to A/R.
- I tried again, run sales update a SO Number that originally cannot be sales updated succesfully but ONLY have 1 line number. It ran succesfully.
- Then finally I tried run sales update a SO Number that originally cannot be sales updated succesfully that have MULTIPLE line number, but I only select 1 Line Number. It ran succesfully.

So my best guess is :
Considering the F03B11 primary key: DOC, DCT, KCO and SFX, I guess in certain SO number it cannot automatically assign new Pay Item number after first line of process.
But I cannot determine which field in SO caused this problem. And I don't understand how and why Sales Update Program assign new Pay item number for the same Invoice Number.

If you have some suggestion, or have experienced the same problem, please help me.

Thank you.
Fortunately, I've solved this problem.

I read a view thread back and found out that an invoice can only hold up to 999 pay items.
In this "rare" case, my Invoice consist of 1275 detail lines and that would make 1275 pay items too, which will be impossible for table F03B11 since there will be duplicate pay item.
So, I reset this invoice number and split those transaction into 2 different invoice numbers, each consist of about 600 transactions.
I tried to sales update again and it work.

Thank you all.