naming standard for work file


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is there a naming standard for naming a work file? right now I have something like F55006WF. Not sure if that adheres to naming standard of work file or not.



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Usually work file(aka Z file) ends with Z.

For example,
F4301Z PO Header Work File
F43121Z Receiver Work file


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You can call them whatever you want.

I usually try to follow my own standard of closely resembling the UBE or APPL that used them in an attempt to group the object.

So custom UBE R550401 may use a workfile called F550401W

Only issue you may run into is running out of space for the BSVW that reads over them....if even needed. So keep them short to allow the letter at the end (if you ever need more than one)

Chan Rana

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Z files would be more of Interface or system facing while there are also work files used internally which ends mostly with WF. So it depends on how to plan to use the work file.



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I have found standard naming in JDE employs the following (first two entries below), although I have seen others......further below. Important is for you to decide upon a naming convention, document it, and place controls in measure to insure that the convention is followed by those users with access.

F0030W Bank Account/Supplier Number Workfile
F08401WF Applicant Work File

F09UI004 Variable Numerator Allocations work file
F12911ER Post G/L to FA Exceptions Work File