N4600440 - F4611SuggestionEndDoc stuck in a cache loop



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Hi list,

We seem to have an on going error of late where a users session is constantly looping and performing an update to F4611.

I've traced the issue to to N4600440 lines 221 to 226

Does anyone have any idea why this might happen? Or how to kill this users cache on the server?

She logged off hours ago but it's still going.

EDIT: this has been traced to users in P4617 selecting 20+ rows and confirming the suggestions. But sure the Enterprise Server can handle that???
Is there a setting somewhere we need to increase?


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We've recently performed a FULL prod build, and this is only happening since.
So I am wondering if the INI file is now missing a thread/memory setting we may have preconfigured that's now been reset to base by the build
Full build deployment would not alter the server INI file, only the fat client INI files. Check your ESU levels as this object is contained in JL22653. If you haven't applied this, then there could be a SAR that addresses this.
Thanks for the clarification.

We've spotted an ESU alright, so thanks :)