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My prayers are with you! OneWorld and RUNUBE


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JDE List,

First of all I would like to offer my condolences and prayers to anyone out
there that may have been directly impacted by last weeks dastardly deads. I
am more confident than ever in our Country (US) and have confidence that we
will take necessary actions to prevent cowardly deads like this from
happening again.

Now....somberly onto my OW issue.....

When we run UBEs interactively through BV we get one set of results and when
we run the same UBE using the RUNUBE command for Unix we get a different set
of results. We can sometimes fix this by re-building a server package with
the objects associated with this UBE and then re-deploying it. This works
most of the time but then sometimes when we deploy another either full or
update server package these UBEs become "broken" again.

Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone know what to do to fix this? Is
this a SP issue?

This is very critical as we approach go-live on Oct. 1

James Wilson
CNC Consultant

OW Xe B73.3.3 SP16 AIX
IBM RS/6000 AIX 4.3.3 Enterprise Server (Central Objects)
Oracle DB
NT 4.0 Deployment Server
"fat" Win95/Win98 and TSE/Citrix "thin" clients
ZenWorks - using to deploy initial OneWorld clients

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Have you created separate versions for submission via runube?

When runube submits a UBE it uses the data selection submitted by the last user who ran it. This is the way it works.

A package install or another user submitting the UBE with the correct selection criteria will correct it for a short time. The solution is to create batch versions that users can not run.

David D. Helsley, Inc.
Xe 16.1, Unix, TSE...


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Re: Server UBEs Behavior changes


what you are seeing can occur if your clients are not running off the same "package" or code base as the server. You should always attempt to keep clents and server "in-sync".

My 2 cents,

Larry Jones
OneWorld XE, SP 15.1
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
Mfg, Distribution, Financials