Multiple divisions- queue best practices


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Hi All, looked through the list and didn't find any hits on this topic. Most conversations are about which UBEs should go to single and multi-threaded queues, but that is not my area of concern.

I am looking for feedback on the best practice queue design for a multi-billion dollar company with multiple divisions running in a single instance of JDE. There are no shared services between divisions. Each division runs their own GL, payroll, billing, etc. Three approaches are on the table:
1. Split each division to their own dedicated queues sharing between divisions only when there are single-threaded constraints (i.e. a QBatchXX per division).
2. Split each functional area to their own dedicated queues (i.e. QFinance, QPayroll, etc).
3. Both split by division and by functional area (i.e. QFinanceXX per division, QPayrollXX per division, etc).

Any feedback is appreciated.


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We divide with a different set of queues per division. Within each division we also subdivide between locations ie MKE, HAM, etc. And within each location by departments, ie FIN, MFG, DIS and within each department we have a single threaded queue and a mult-threaded queue. There are really very few UBEs that can't run together if you have data selection set correctly, but we do have a generic single threaded queue for them. To maintain 'fairness' CNC makes each business determine the order, and for multi-threaded queues the number of jobs that can run concurrently. CNC then sets queue priority between businesses to make sure that no one can grab all machine resources to the exclusion of other businesses.

Tom Davidson