Media Objects File Attachments too slow


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Media Objects 'File' Attachments too slow and computer freezes

Hello All,

I am sure many of you have seen this happen earlier and already know a solution for this. Please respond as soon as you see this thread - so I can close this issue at the earliest. Thanks in advance.

Issue : When users try to add "File" Attachments on grid lines - it goes to the Add Cancel screen (see attachment) , and then after waiting for a while, the prompt sits on the "Select Queue" button and the computer eventually hangs and or freezes when trying to choose 'Select Local File'

1. Why does the system hang for some users and not for all?
2. How can we default it to "Select Local File" instead of the "Select Queue".

Any help figuring this out will be greatly appreciated. I have also created a call with Oracle and will keep you posted on when I get a reply.


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The quickest way to get this to be faster is to point the BusinessFunctionDoc Media Object Queue to an empty or non-existent location.

You could also add an additional Media Object Queue using P98MOQUE that has a name that comes before BusinessFunctionDoc when sorted alphabetically (i.e. 01Start, ABCDEF, etc.).

Hope that helps!
Thank you so much Stewart. Yes, we are working on exactly what you indicated - will update on what we really did to solve this problem soon. Thanks again.