Matrix Items, Segmented Items

Fernando A.

I have a question: I am trying to use the Matrix Items for a company having problems for traking the product. Imagine this company has an Item (Like a Pant Item) with an Item number 1234567 but this item may be configured with a Size and a Color suppose (Size: S = 01, M = 02, L = 03 and XL = 04) about the (Color: Navy = 01, Beige = 02, Black = 03, and so on).

Trying or pretending to use Matrix I think the program must work as follows Item 1234567 = Parent Item and segmented Item (two segments) first one Size and second segment Color so when I am trying to add the Parent Item and use the Matrix the program is clearing the two segments and leaving just the first segment Size, any idea about what I am doing wrong?

How this process must be set up? because I added the two segments and tried to use them but I am not able. The Inventory manual "says" that you can do it, but does not explain how to do it.

Any comment, suggestion or question will be very helpful.

Fernando Alvarez
Hi Fernando

This may not answer you question fully, but there is a Segmented Items and Templates guide available here ht that may help.

Kind Regards
Hi Fernando, Assuming that you will have different branch plant for US and UK, you can setup “issue” UOM in these B/P. Will it not help ?