E9.2 jRuby Scripts for Work Order Input/Output


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I have gone thru the OBE - Using Files As Orchestration Input and Output - https://docs.oracle.com/en/applications/jd-edwards/cross-product/9.2/file-input-output/ on successfully, however when trying to change the same idea to work orders I am stuck with the iRuby scripts under the Custom, which the OBE explains the following:
"The script entered in this rule will use each file and create a JSON object to pass into the SO Entry orchestration"

To be honest I have no developer background other than 20+ years of an application consultant, and I am thinking the so-called "No Code, Low Code" or the earlier "Citizen Developer" strategy obviously not be the case for my users if I myself have trouble handling this.

Like to know any of your comments or instructions of basic iRuby scripts I should know on my WO example. Thanks lot!

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Hi John,

I agree with your point that the instant you jump into "freestyle" scripting like is available to us within orchestrator, you are beyond citizen developer and in some cases you're into full nerdy programmer land.

In my experience on 9.2.5 I've used Groovy script (I notice you mention iRuby I think you mean jRuby) to create and modify JSON files to pass downstream to later orch components or API calls. It's really powerful and after a bit of learning you can become very dangerous :) It is also quite maddening if you don't have any background in the space, so you might be better served to hire out some consulting time to accomplish the scripting tasks you need. I like that method because I can then go look at what the dev came up with and try to learn from that.

No direct help on this specific question but I hope that's a bit helpful.
Hi @jhsiao520123
I look the example and the JRuby script, for your example it's necesary to change the fields to correct the input JSON for WO. In SO example you have 3 form fields (Long_Address_Number_Sold_To,Long_Address_Number_Ship_To, HdrBusinessUnit) and 2 grid fields (Quantity_Ordered,Item_Number), you need change the fields names to match with your WO example.
If you want please share the JSON input for your WO example and i tried to made the modification in order to match the fields in Jruby script.