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Hello there

We have situation when users type the open PO in the above application it should bring all the necessary information e.g Business unit/supplier and company as it is already attach to PO.

Oracle said it is the way as some other clients has multiple companies attach to the PO so they leave it blank.
Is anyone has any feedback or other way doing that? look like we need to customize the object as we have only 1 company and users make mistake sometime and attach wrong company.

See screenshot.

Thanks in advance


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We modified P4314 (Voucher Match) so that once the PO # is entered, the B/P, Supplier #, Supplier Name, Order Type are all retrieved. It makes the A/P Clerk's job WAY easier, in that they can verify this information against what's on the voucher easily. Definitely a modification worth the time and effort!


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Thanks Don, so we are not alone!

I'm not the JDE developer but do very little, Can you help me to know which existing Business function you used to fill the other fields? Don't tell me you created new function for that :)

Thanks in advance.