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Master record delete


Hello List,

In attempting some clean up in a couple of areas, we experienced the following:

In the Address Book application, P0192 - A/B Revisions, Work With Addresses, we found records by search type, selected and pressed 'Delete' from the grid. Normally, the application will give an error and not delete the master record if there is any supporting detail, such as cash receipts, sales orders, vouchers, etc. This works correctly for up to about 30 selected grid records. Unfortunately, when selecting over 3000 records by search type, the delete actually deleted over 2000 account master records, about 1500 of which had detail behind them.

Similar scenario in the G/L account master, P0901, Accounts by BU, Work with Accounts, where the grid records were selected and deleted; the delete took out all of the account master records, even though there was detail in supporting files.

Has anyone experienced this, and, more importantly, has anyone found a fix for this situation?

Thanks in advance.

Vicki Hedrick
Co-existent A7.3 Cum 11/B733.1 Cum 14.2
Roseburg Forest Products
Roseburg, OR


Legendary Poster
Hi Vicki,

Have you examined the jde.log and jdedebug.log already?
Have you found something strange there or have not?

Let us know some information about your logs. Thanks.


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


Unfortunately, the logs were not available on the A/B delete, and the fix was rather painful, so I have not ventured to reproduce this with logs turned on in production, yet. In addition, we only see this in our production environment, and, yes, we have checked as many settings as we can find. In order to capture the logs, I will need to be on the system when no orders, invoices, or shipments are taking place.

Vicki Hedrick
Co-Existent: A7.3 Cum 11/B733.1 Cum 14.5
Roseburg Forest Products