Making forecast available for DRP


I am in process of testing loading a forecast in JDE for DRP to use. We will be importing the forecast from another forecasting tool so do not need to run forecast generation.

We've used add/change forecast to enter the dates/qtys/customers, but I cannot see the forecast in the supply and demand screen. Is there another step that is being missed?

Thanks in Advance.

JDE 8.12 Tool Release 8.98.43 , AS/400 Iseries
Venkata - you need to set the processing option for the Supply & Demand Inquiry P4021 to specify the forecast type that you have loaded the forecast against.
You can specify up to 5 forecast types to be displayed by listing them one after the other in the processing option with no spaces.
Remember you will also need to specify the Forecast Types to be included in the DRP Generation R3483 on the similar processing option for this program, otherwise DRP will not see the Forecast as demand for planning puposes.

Regards - Vic