Maintain a Calculated Unit Price (UPRC) after an order is placed and closed.


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Hello All.....

I have a task to calculate the unit price of an item on a grid row, the unit price is not being manually changed by going into it, just calculated based on some condition. Issue is that once the change has occurred, order is placed and closed and I go back into it, the item price would have converted back to the original price.

How is the best way for the value to be retained after saving the order and going back into it?

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The system should not be changing unit prices past a certain status - typically Invoicing if you're talking Sales Orders. Ditto for Purchase Orders.
If your company has "mis-customized" these apps such that the behavior you describe is occurring then its on you to fix I'm afraid.
This would be at sales order entry only (520 - 540) no changes past that point.
Here is our situation, for us Advanced Pricing is not a feasible method to allow for discounting. The flexibility we allow our sales staff makes it impossible for out of the box Advanced Pricing. Some of you out there that allow for discounting at the line do you account for this flexibility?

Back when I was starting in JDE (XE), customizing Advanced Pricing was one of the projects I did. Thanks to members of this forum who freely shared their ideas, I was pointed in the right direction.

That project involved overriding the price BUT we had to do it within the confines of Advanced Pricing. The customer wanted to preserve the Pricing History for accruals and such. All of that meant we had to learn the guts of Advanced Pricing, make it call a custom BSFN that will calculate the discounts (no mod needed for this because it is stock functionality). We also had to allow outright overrides by using a value we would store in URAT (that was the solution I got from the posts in this forum). We even went as far as adding the capability for Advanced Pricing to use URAT in formulas.

And the payoff? No matter what stock process is run against the orders, a price and/or cost re-calc (R42950), the override price and discounts stuck - because they are just additional variables/adjustment steps that Advanced Pricing applies to the order, whether at line or basket level.

Lots of work, but not impossible.