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Lot Control


Well Known Member
We are moving from a package to order to a ship from stock model. We have an rather elaborate work process for maintaining lot control for manufactured items. I still need to assure that assign items to an SO by lot, but instead of making the lot I will be picking it from a warehouse. A much simpler process, I hope, but I am not seeing clearly at what point in the process I should enter the lot info, and which program I should use to do it. The two logical places would seem to be Order Entry, but there is no real function for lot selection, or Ship Confirmation, but that seems late in the flow.

Would anyone be willing to share how they sell lot controlled products?


Well Known Member
As usual, you have a lot of choices. I'm assuming the inventory in the warehouse already has lot numbers assigned to it, as a result of your receiving or work order completion process.
You can open the fold during order entry, F1 on the lot number field and you can pick from a list of available lots.
Or, you can simply key in the lot number.
If you commit inventory at pick slip print time, I'm pretty sure you can have the system assign the lot number based on a rule you set up, e.g. the earliest lot expiry date goes first.
We don't use any of those methods here. We wait until the order has been picked and we know for sure what lot number is going on the truck. Then, during ship confirm, instead of putting a '1' in the option field to confirm shipment, we put a '4' there, and this brings up a window that lists all the lots and locations for the item in the branch plant in question, together with the available quantities of each. We then zero out the quantity shipped in the default lot and fill in the quantity shipped for the real lot.

Eventually, as we roll out more and more lot control, we hope to automate this whole process with hand-held scanners and an automated interface to JD Edwards.


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We are on version 7.3. As far as I can tell, F1 on the lot field only brings up the definition of Lot Number. I can F1 the Location, but selecting the location does not also fill in the Lot. Am I perhaps missing something?

Also, it does seem I should be able to automate the lot assignment, but I cannot figure out the combination of set up codes to do so. Any help on that would be appreciated.

Jon, Thanks. I think ideally we would add the lot at ship confirm, but we use Varsity to ship, and have already packed and license plated before we ship confirm. I'm not sure we want to move the ship confirm step earlier, as we tend to change orders at the last moment, or later.


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When you say automate lot assignment, do you mean at pick slip print? I think what you need to do to accomplish this is change the Commitment Method in the branch plant constants to either 2 or 3, and, probably, put a 1 in the processing option of P42520 (#12 in our system) that says you want to hard commit the inventory at this step.


Frosty the Coder

Legendary Poster
If you want to select the lot at ship confirm, use option 4.
This will prompt you for all lots for the item.
(An ealier post made it sound like you want to override lot#)

This is pgm P42053.
I had to modify this at my current site, to suppress zero qtys, create lots on the fly, and automate expiration date.



Active Member
is it possible to setup lot assignment at ship confirm if we are bypassing pick confirm all together? We are trying to setup a FIFO method, and have everything working, but I can't get the ship confirm to pull from the location with the lowest lot number, even though I have everything enabled in bp constants etc. It just keeps trying to pull from the primary (blank) location, and it leaves the location field blank. If I fill it in with a valid value, ship confirm works fine, but the whole point here is to have it automatically select the first in lot with available quantity. Any ideas?