Looking for an SQL app


Hi all

I'm running JDE E1 9.1 stand alone on my computer with oracle 11g database. I want to interrogate the D/B with an SQL product (Databrowser is not sufficient for my purposes) Do you know of the best route to achieve this. My experience to date has been with E1 on the i platform so SQL on MS is new to me. I'm running windows 7.

Many thanks for the advice. I have installed SQL Developer and can view the home page. When I try to make a connection to the local 11g D/B I'm getting "Status: Failure- Test failed : No more data to read from socket" I've been looking at Oracle forums and others have experienced this same thing. The solutions suggested have not cured my particular issue though. Any thoughts? or a better explanation as to what the message is trying to tell me.
I've used PL/SQL Developer, Oracle SQL Developer, and SQuirreL SQL.

I don't know how you managed on the iSeries without something besides the woeful IBM tools.

For your current error, does your Oracle DB have a whitelist of allowed applications (and therefore needs Oracle SQL Developer adding to it)?