Local jobs on fat client running slowly


I have, what I believe is, an unusual problem on a JDE fat client.

I installed JL21519 (Planner ESU) & JL22150 in TS900 and then built and deployed a full package. The BI Publisher work (for which the ESUs were required) is progressing well. I then installed the package on a fat client and, since then, have been experiencing poor performance when running jobs locally e.g. update package builds etc. For testing this I use the R98OWSECA report which should run in under a minute but is taking over 5 minutes.

I uninstalled E1 and Oracle and then reinstalled. When I ran the R98OWSECA locally the first time it completed in a time equal to the other environments i.e. less than a minute. Subsequent runs are now back taking over 5 minutes to complete.

During my checks for possible causes I noticed that the JDELocal_TS900.DBF file is only 1,032KB whilst the equivalent for the other environments is 132,104KB. They all start off as 1,032KB on the deployment server so at what point do/should they increase in size?

Interactive applications appear to be working normally in the environment. It just seems to be local jobs.

Has anyone out there got any thoughts?
Many thanks for your input Tom, much appreciated. I tried the suggestions but without success.

I got a second fat client, installed the TS900 package and tested R98OWSECA and it consistently completed in the expected time. This led me to look for any difference between the two clients and I found that .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and a Java 8 Update 91 were missing from the problem client. After bringing the clients up to the same levels & rebooting my issue had disappeared.