Loading of Service Packs, ESUs, ASUs, Updates, etc.


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Hi All,

I have a question. We are just beginning our quest with OW. It seems to
take forever to load anything. We tried 3 times before SP15 loaded (or
maybe that was Update 1 also? hehe). Loading ASUs took more than 1 try.
Now we're trying to load SP16. We're still on the first three pages and
can't get a port test. We've been working on it for at least two days now.
I have a CNC specialist here. Next we'll be loading Update 2 (if we ever
get SP16 loaded).

My question is: Is this normal??? Why does everything take so long to
load? Why is there problem after problem? On World I'd just load them, one
shot! Then right into testing I could go... This is very frustrating and I
will need an explanation for my CIO as to why we won't have this stuff all
done this week...

Thanks in Advance!!

:) (loves World, wants to love OW)

OW Xe SP15.1
AS400 V4R5
email: [email protected]


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I'm in the same boat as you and have often wondered these very same questions. So far, I'm getting about the same "results" as you. Same goes for ESU's. Works sometimes, other times it doesn't. Why? I'm about to load a SP and expecting the usual fall-out and failures I've had in the past. Oh Gee, I can't wait... WORLDSOFTWARE RULES!

World A7.3 11 (quite stable and usually happy)
Attempting CO with Xe, AS/400, V4R5 (not happy)


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I agree with Sebastian's timings for the service pack. Don't forget to do
LINKBSFN on each of your packages. Also, if your PORTEST is failing check
the server jde.ini file and take off the server name in the SecurityServer
setting, run the PORTTEST and then put the server name back.

Graham Jones
JDE Systems Manager
[email protected]

B7332 SP15 / AS400 V4R4 (CO on AS400) / Fat clients NT4

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Hi Lori,

No that is not normal at all, a SP shouldn't take more than 30 min to
install. Now ESU and ASU are a different story. They depend on how many
object it effect and if you are doing any back up of those objects.

Now is far is your porttest failing, have you turned off your security

hope this helps.
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We solved the problem of why SP16 was takin sooo long. I can't believe

I went into the jdeini file and changed all of the V4R5 versions to *CURRENT
and then *POOF* it miraculously worked!! I guess in older versions it
ignored the version but it doesn't now!!!

Thought you all might like to know!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) Lori