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I am trying to get equal line spacing in the address part of a report (i.e. it's a group section) When I place each line with the snap to grid on, they all look equal distance apart, but when I print the report, some are closer together than others. I've tried changing the size of the grid, or switching the snap to grid off, but still can't get the address to print with equal spaces between the lines.
Can anyone help me?
This is in Xe.


Customer: Xe/NT/Oracle
Office: B7331/NT/SQL




Hello Stewart.

I'm not sure this will address the problem you are facing, but here are
some tips based on my experience with the RDA:

1) If you put report variables too close to each other, you risk getting
them partially on top of each other. This usually happens periodically, so
you might get three rows evenly spaced before the next one screws up.

In my experience "too close" translates to when the outlined corners of the
report variables (as seen in the design view) are on top of each other.
This can be confusing since the variable text itself looks fine.

2) If you on the other hand get too large spacing, there might be hidden
report variables underneath that affect the layout, as crazy as it might
sound. Look for hidden fields in the section and if you find them
underneath the address fields, try positioning them elsewhere.

Hope this helps.

/Johan Rehn
One World Xe B7333 SP 14/Windows NT2000


Try creating a constant field(Name = one blank space)
below every addresss line.
This will give you one blank line after every address line.

Not sure if this is what you want to acheive.

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