Line Printer Revisited


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Hey all,

I've looked at the forum for line printer topics. I've read them, and
noticed some of ya'll are working with them, and have had problems, then no
more discussion. So, I will like to bring it back up. Here's the
situation: We have two plants that want to use IBM 4230's and IBM 6400's.

With the 6400's printing out of adobe it prints fine. Printing straight out
of JDE, it scrunches the output up. I've tried moving # of columns, # of
lines, line printer, to postscript printer, nothing seems to work.

With the 4230's printing comes out illegible from adobe and won't print
anything but portrait out of JDE.

Printing through formscape documents come out looking nice on both 4230 &

I was told of a tallyT 6061 driver and have been looking for it, but cannot
find it.
Does anyone have any hints, cheats, work arounds?

Sorry for the long post.

Xe SP 14, AS/400 S-20, 2000 print server, NT w/Citrix metaframe.
Jeremey Garcia
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Jeremey Garcia
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