PDF Attached to Email Won't Open


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I'm looking at an issue where the PDF attached the email coming from Create!form won't open. Here is some background.

We are sending out order confirmations. I've get a Set defined so that the emails break by customer. Most of the time, a single page PDF is generated and attached to the email. I've done dozens of tests this way and it all works great. Occasionally we have a larger stocking order so I wanted to do a test with a large enough order to generate a multi-page PDF. In this case, everything seems to work okay but when you try to open the PDF attached to the email, Adobe gives an error that the file is either damaged or not a supported file type. I can take the same original JDE un-merged PDF and open it in Designer and do a print preview and it previews the multi-page output with no problem.

I've opened the PDF in a text editor and the main difference between the PDF that won't open and the other PDF's that do, is that the first line says:
instead of:

Has anybody else seen this before? Any suggestions for further troubleshooting?



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The CformServer you are running the job through is not configured correctly. A CformServer printer that is used to generate emails for CemailServer needs to use the merge configuration "PDF with job ticket".