Limitcheck error on a printer - cannot print more than 13 cheques to printer

Cathy Wilbur

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We upgraded to our new Createform server (Createform 7x) and now when we print more than 13 cheques (Canadian spelling) we get an error called limitcheck on the printer.

We never had this problem with this printer when we were on the other Createform server. We were using Createform 3x and 6x on that Server.

We set up our default merge configuration as Postscript.

We tried redirecting our output to another printer and got the same issues.

Is there a problem in Createform 7x when Createform builds the records to send to the printer. Do I now have to send output to the printer as separate files? Splitting every 13 cheques.

Has anyone encountered limit problems with printing on new server.
We checked our Createform log and everything worked without a problem.
This is not an issue from the other server.

We were printing 77 cheques. The log looks fine. See log attached.
Did this happen to anyone else. What caused the problem and how did you fix it?


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Issue resolved

This issue was resolved just before I left on a leave from work for surgery. The problem was our scanned signature was too large. We ended up having to shrink our signature block on the cheque and it fixed the problem. To get a crisp signature on the cheque in Createform 3x and 6x we had to have a large version of the signature then shrink it. When you move to Createform 7x you need to shrink your signatures so they are not so large. As soon as we shrunk our signatures on cheque we corrected the problem.