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Limit a COMBO BOX based on another Form Control Value

Frosty the Coder

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I'm working on a form that has "FC Contract Type (cAA01)".
The form also has two combo boxes: "Billing Type" and "Payment Type".

The requirement I have is to limit the values displayed in each combo box, based on the value of FC Contract Type.

From the little bit that I read from the manual, it looks like I would change the combo boxes to:
Not be based on the current DD Item/UDC
and as part of the CONTROL IS ENTERED EVENT read the original UDC and use ADD ITEM to populate only those values valid for FC CONTRACT TYPE.

Does this sound correct?


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Yes, but I would create a hidden button called something like FC_InitComboBoxes, then call it when FC_Contract_Type changes and during form init after the initial/default value for FC_ContractType is set. If FC_ContractType is not set during form init, then I would disable the combo boxes and then enable and init when FC_ContractType is set.


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I think the 'manual intervention' might be the path you have to take. Did something similar, a long time ago - and I believe we had to manually populate the combo boxes (no way to natively filter that I could find).


Frosty the Coder

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Thank you both.

It sound's like "it's bigger than a bread box", but "smaller than a bread truck".
I will let those in charge know that it's more than pixie dust.