Landed Costs and Flexible Accounting - please help


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Dear List,

We are planning to go live on june the first of june. We plan to use flex
accounting for landed costs but run into some trouble. Apparently landed
costs AAI 4385 and AAI 4390 don't work with Flex Accounting.

Flex Accounting has been set up through P40296. P4312 PO Receipts Tab
Versions Point 9 Landed Cost Selection P43291 Refers to a version wherein
flexaccounting has been activated and the tab Flex Acct is activated too.

It refuses to work and takes the business unit that is defined as Project
Number in program P0006.

I have found a workarround but is there a way to use flexaccounting for AAI
4385 and 4390.

Any ideas or help are much appreciated.



OneWorld Xe B7333, Service Pack 15, Sun, Oracle, WTS