E9.2 JVM contending with Windows Defender?


Hello, how would I go about confirming a hunch of mine. The past few days our JAS instance has had a java.exe thread and a Windows Defender thread (MsMpEng.exe) collectively taking up 100% of the CPU on our server. Our users report a page not responding type error message. Server manager becomes unresponsive in this scenario, so I basically have to kill that single java.exe thread before restarting the JAS instance.

My hunch is Windows Defender must be putting a lock on a resource that the JVM thinks has exclusive rights to and some sort of escalation ensues. Which log files (Server Manger or WebLogic) and what level of logging would give me the most insight into what the exact issue was?
I've seen this same issue. I haven't been able to track down what is going on but when we disabled Windows Defender, we didn't get the issue.