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Hi There,
I've found documents regarded to configuretion of OW for Web using IBM WebSphere.Instructions says that I have to create a virtual directory with IIS which points to a directory like <drive>:\JDEdwardsOneWorld\B733\jdewww
But I'm unable to lacete that directory.Is this directory an option while installation or I've to create it.

We are using MSSQL 7.0 and OneWorld 7332 as server.

Thanks lot

That directory structure and associated objects should have been created
when you loaded the JAS CD on your JAS server.

David Fernandez
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Huseyin :

First of all, install the OneWorld JAS CD, then go the IIS console and
create the virtual
directory pointing to \JDEdwardsOneWorld\B733\jdewww.


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