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JDEasy - Has anyone used this company?


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We are considering using this company for a bolt-on safety stock enhancement. Has anyone used them before and would be willing to discuss their experience with me?


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Do they have a website or their name listed on the internet at all? :D
Most of my google searches bring me back to this exact thread...
Hi Rich,
I know Idaho Falls, do you work Amalgamated?
In any case we are talking to JDEasy as well, this has been close to year have you made any progress?
Its a decent idea, and I don't know why no one has done it before. Though it is not as easy to create bolt ons to E1 as you would think. As soon as you associate with Oracle, may factors come into play.
I think it is a very small company, which is fine you just need to understand what it is you are getting.