JDE World and JDE One World differences


Hello All,

I am interested in knowing the difference between the two products 'JDE World and JDE One World' ? If anybody out there could send us any information or documents in this regards that will be very helpful to us..

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Sorry but your question is like asking what is the difference between a PC and a Mac. Both do the same thing 2 different ways.

Could you be more specific in what you are looking for?

Basically World is the Old Established Software. It runs only on an AS/400 midrange computer. Very stable. Of course there are still "Bugs" in the product but each company may define a "Bug" differently. Programs are written in RPG.

OneWorld is a "Newer" product. Can run on an AS/400, or Windows NT, or SUN OS, or just about anything I think. (not sure here)
The stability of the software is getting better (I hope) but you also now have introduced new stability issues with Networks and Other Operating systems not to mention the software itself. Programs are written in C++. (again I am not sure on this)

JDE claims they will stop supporting World in 2005.

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WorldSoftware Version 8.1.2 AS/400 V4R5



Thanks for your response.

I have heard about the Interoperable API's provided by JDE One world, so that other applications can interact with JDEdwards especially using COM wrappers.

1. I am interested to know if there are any interoperable features supported by JDE World similar to JDE One world.

2. If supported, what are all the modes the Business Functions are exposed ?

For example, can I call the Business Functions from a C++ or Java application by using some wrappers ?

3. Where can I find some documents that would throw some light on these areas ?