E9.1 JDE v9.1 and 2020 Payroll Tax Reporting


We are currently on v9.1 and have just heard that this version will not be supported for 2020 tax document reporting (W-2, 1099, etc). Has anyone else faced this and what solutions are you looking at. We've also heard that upgrading to v9.2 will take 3-6 months, which means we would need another option for the 2020 tax reporting season.


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The year end updates for 9.1 will only be available via though the advanced customer services (ACS) additional paid support offering. See support doc: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne End of Premier Support for 9.1 - ACS offer for Payroll Tax Updates, Severity 1 Fixes and Tax Form Updates (Doc ID 2627276.1).

Upgrade timelines are very dependent on your level of code customization (retrofit needs), integration complexity and your capacity to test and manage change. 6 months is not uncommon and it can take longer.

I am sure the alternative support vendor(s) like Rimini Street will be building something for 9.1. If you are looking to get off of Oracle support you could approach them. (Don't take that as a marketing message from me. I am neutral on non-Oracle support)

So with the above said, here is an idea that puts you on the path to 9.2 which is on premier support until at least 2030. It assumes sufficient hardware/virtual machine/cloud infrastructure to start a 9.2 technical upgrade.

Step 1) Begin a 9.2 technical upgrade now to create a 9.2 system with all path codes
Step 2) Develop and practice the go-live "data only" upgrade process from 9.1 to 9.2 so that you can do it on demand in a known time window.
Step 3) Wait for the year end ESU for 9.2 to be released. There is a pre-release test version available now which you could initially install. Remember that the year end ESU needs to be applied with force merge to assure that all the objects are updated to the correct year-end versions. You would also perform the data prep tasks described in support document "E1: 1099: Overview 1099 Year End Setup and Process (Doc ID 2388282.2) "
Step 4) Do a data only upgrade and run the year end process in the 9.2 system
Step 5) Repeat step 4 as needed to test the process and execute it finally at the point you want to generate your year end reporting.

When I say "technical upgrade" I am focusing on getting a 9.2 system up and running with your data and a process to refresh that data when needed and a resulting system that is sufficient to produce accurate year end documents. This is something that you would need for any upgrade project anyway. What I am leaving out is any code customization retrofit work, integration rehook/remediation, testing, training, etc. You would do this technical upgrade as part of a larger plan to upgrade to 9.2 eventually and I suggest that you roadmap that upgrade now with this being the initial phase.