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Hi folks,

I've had several people ask about some capabilities in the Data Browse tool, so I figured I would post here ...

1. You can drag columns to create your own customized "view" of the table or view. When dragging, hold down the shift key and it will go into turbo mode. This makes it faster to get those columns to the left.

2. Double click the column header to sort on the column. Keep double clicking to cycle through Asc, Desc and no sort. The order of the sorted columns in the grid controls the ORDER BY clause in the query.

3. Select a range of values (SQL BETWEEN) using the syntax {from..to}. So for F0101 AB records between 100 and 500 {100..500}

4. Select list of values (SQL IN) using the syntax {x,y,z}. So for F0101 AB records 100,200 and 500 {100,200,500}

5. Save your Query (column order, filter values) to a file to use again from Data->Save Query menu option.

I'm thinking of creating a column finder tool in the Data Browse window where you can type in the DD item name and it will find the column for you.

thanks for the continuing support,
I didn't know about the range, that's epic. I knwo about the list. So thanks
Another one which could be very helpful is a way to copy paste values from excel or list into query tool for the list of values . If you plan to make list like sql query using the IN clause , then I assume copy paste functionality will come with it someway to enable that and we would be relieved of inserting each value one by one by pressing small + sign .

Another one (which is probably for Oracle ) is if they can provide a way to use SL Date -1 or SL date + 1 and something like that would be great and we dont have to create processing options and handle it internally by set selection