jde e1 development training


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That depends where you live.
The courses, and there are several (plus the second advanced options of each) aren't cheap

I'd say your bet is to find a site with World who are migrating over to One World
Get a job there and get reading.

I also come from an RPG background, and if you can handle RPG, E1 will be a whiz

Luckily, most if not all of the documents you will need are on line now.
Just get googling



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You received excellent recommendations from John Danter on how to get E1 job skills. His most important advice is, "don't go out looking for a job dressed like that . . . on a weekday". As John reminds us regularly, update and upgrade your clothing, and you will get that E1 job!


Thank you John. I live in los angeles. Would you recommend Oracle University training for jde e1 development that is the only one that I found .
I have download the enterpriseone standalone on my pc . I will see if the online documentation can help me learn it..
Thank You
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Like the other said - and appending just a bit more.

Your profile says you are 'currently looking for work'. If that is the current status of your affairs - why are you looking at E1?

There are a ton of World Developer positions out there! Probably 30% of the job descriptions I see a week - are WORLD Related...

Now, if you have your mind set on migrating your skillset to E1, find a client that is doing a migration. Most of the E1 Developers have no World experience. Migrations need a good World person to explain what the migrating code 'really' does. Get some training, and IMMEDIATELY start a migration project. Do Not Sit Idle. Do Not Let the Client Stick you with World...



Thank you Daniel.
I do not have World experience. I only have as400 rpg experience. I think JDE shops are looking for some experience. Thank You.

Chan Rana

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If you haven't worked on JDE E1 or World why are you deciding to get into?. Is your assumption that you can grasp World first and then One World ?. If yes then you assumption is wrong as for Technical they are both different as far as tools are concerned. But you can leverage your RPG experience if you go for JDE World version.