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JDE custom mobile apps development


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Anyone has experience with JDE Mobile Apps development using Orace MAF, JDeveloper and AIS server. If yes, can you guide me how to create user entry screen with JDE application form column and grid column? Thanks for your help.

For example, P4113 - Inventory Transfer,

From BP and To BP from header section.

Item, Qty, From Loc and To Loc from Grid level,

I am having issue with grid column. I have created layout, but while entering value on it, it goes wiped off. Below is my sample code

<amx:panelFormLayout id="pfl1">
<amx:inputText value="#{bindings.value7.inputValue}" label="From BP" id="it2"/>
<amx:inputText value="#{bindings.value.inputValue}" label="To BP" id="it3"/>


Note below column is coming from Data Control -> data->grid data->rowset

<amx:inputText value="#{bindings.value1.inputValue}" label="Item Number" id="it1"/>