JD Edwards external IP etc


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Hello there

I have request to gather information about JD Edward which uses the external IP. I guess only area I know of is it uses oracle update center to download ESUs from Deployment server

Is there anything else you think of? if yes where I need to start looking?



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Hi Adeel - what external IP are you referring to ? Are you asking about what external IP's are USED by JDEdwards ? Technically none, since JDE can operate completely alone. The Change Assistant application needs access to the Oracle website, and that can be done purely from a workstation or from the deployment server. Certainly you can prevent the application server from accessing external IP Addresses if you wish - but you might have 3rd party scripts that, for example, perform bank uploads etc.


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Thanks Jon
No we don't have any third party scripts to connect external source so we good.

Aside external. Is there any UBE which give me detail about what ports are setup in our environment which allows all servers to talk each other.
I know I can go and look in each ini but thought to ask experts.