IV Processing options Security


Since SP15.1 there appears to be a problem with Security on Interactive versions when right clicking from a menu.

If security is set to 1 on a version and you go in through IV and try and change the processing options on a XJDE version for example you get the message 'User is restricted from selected process'
HOWEVER if you right click on a menu item and select prompt for values you are made the owner of the version and you can change the defaults.

JDE have returned this with 'Already known, redesign not planned' apparently not enough people have complained about this.

Since this has only started happening since 15.1 has anyone else noticed this?


This has been a problem for a while. I noticed it first around March last
year on B7332 but is still in XE. It leads to all sorts of problems of how
to prevent unauthorised access to PO.