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Item / Item Branch Mass Change

Does anyone know of a way to "mass change" the following fields. The canned JDE
programs do not include these:

Item / Item Master (R41805 & R41806)
Order Value Policy OPV
Planning Code MPST
Planning Fence Rule MPSP
Planning Fence MTF1
Freeze Fence MTF2
Message Display Fence MTF3

Item Branch (R41805)
Order Multiples MULT
Safety Stock SAFE

I believe you can export items to a Z file, then reimport them with the
change option. Unfortunately, that overlays ALL fields, so you have to be
very careful expecially if someone if updating any of this information
after you export it. Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.

John Gaughan
The Pfaltzgraff Company
Xe/SP 15.1/HP-UX 11/Oracle 8.1.7/TSE via Citrix


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its simplest just to change these using SQL. In fact we have done so for many of the fields you list.

Item Master is F4101
Item Branch is F4102

MRP looks at values in Item Branch - not Item Master.


Larry Jones
OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
SandBox: OneWorld XE SP15.1


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All the fields you have listed are in table F4102, item branch.

The thing to check is: what other tables, if any, are updated when you
change one of these fields by the regular method, i.e key to screens
W41026BG and W41026BD ?? You would need to look at the code, or try
something in "test" environment and look at any and all tables that might be
affected. I imagine there is an affect on open factory orders (we do not use
the manufacturing module, I surmise that you do.) It is possible to blow up
lots of stuff with this kind of a change.

The safest way is to key at the regular screens.

Dave Mallory Denver Water.


If you didn't get an answer to this already this is the procedure we
used to do the update.

1. Export the short id, 2nd item number, and whatever else from the
item master/branch that you want. Export it to excel/csv.

2. Users change it as desired.

3. You get it back and add a column for the EDLN(or other
interoperability field that can be used to define a unique record in the
F4101z1 file).

4. import the records from the csv or into access and then import to
jde F4101z1.

5. write a little program to use the F4101z1 as the source for the
update based on the short id if you are updating the item master and the
short id and branch if you are updating the item branch(F4102).

There are a lot of details that I didn't cover here but this is the
basic process.

JD_Edwards wrote: