Issues with filing a corrected 1099 with the IRS


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We are on E1 9.0, tools release

My question is surrounding how to produce and file with the IRS a corrected 1099 return. Using the JDE AP method for 1099s, we ran the processed to build the AP workfile in January and printed the 1099s to be mailed to the recipient. Before 3/31, we performed the process to create the file to go to the IRS. This involved going into Write media and choosing the Electronic file and Original and the file was produced an sent to the IRS.

Since 3/31, AP has made a few revisions to correct amounts or Tax ID numbers and re sent the 1099 to the recipient.

We now need to also send a corrected file to the IRS. If we go into Write media and choose Electronic file and Corrected, we get a file that we do not quite understand. The resulting file now contains all entries regardless of whether they meet the threshold amounts, and all of the B records in the file are flagged with a G( correction) in position 6.

Does this sound correct? It seems odd that we would be sending a file to the IRS with every record flagged with a G, when only a small number actually reflect corrections. Or is this just the way that IRS does it. It doesn't know what corrections you might have made, so it wants the whole file, regardless of threshold amounts and all of them are flagged as corrections.

Are we missing something here or is it just as simple as that. Input with anyone with experience filing a corrected 1099 return would be helpful. Thanks.


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If you haven't already, I'd recommend that you open an SR with Oracle support to get their input on this. Plus the JDEList community may very well come through with some constructive feedback for you, too.


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Thanks Don.

I have opened an Oracle ticket. They say they do not currently have a solution without having to do a manual workaround to fix the file. Reviewing their feedback now. It would appear to involve running the Write Media app, choosing Electronic, choosing Corrected, but then having to go into the text file created and manipulate it somehow.


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Oracle has replied that basically they do not support filing a corrected 1099 return. There is a requested enhancement for it, but that's it.


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I have done corrected 1099 returns, but I have always completely rebuilt my workfile to do them. As far as I know, that is the only way to get only the records you need for the corrections. You have to clear the A/P workfile and build it again with only the vendors that you need to send corrections for in your data selection. That way when you run the Write Media to get your Corrected Electronic file, you will only have the needed vendors.

I hope that helps.