Issue with Debugger


I am working E1

I am developing an UBE application. I have an issue with Debug Application tools.

The odd thing is that I coded some new lines this morning. I was closed to my desirable results. I need to use the debug tool. However my lastest coding was not displaying in the debuger. I deleted the debugger and tried again. The same results. I printed my Event Rule and the new coding was in the print out. The coding is inside each section in my object. I log off from Fat Client and log in in fat client. I started debuger tools again. The same scenario.

I called our external CNC. She reviewed the issue with me. She proposed to do deployment and then to try to debug again. I did as she proposed and no progress.

Can someone please provide a hint?

Thank you to take the time to read this
Check everything in and try to delete your spec files on your fat client
E900/DV900/SPEC delete the xdb files and try again
I assume when you say you "deleted the debugger" you mean that you removed your object from from the list of UBEs to debug and re-added it. If not be sure and try that and/or use the "Rebuild DIA" command. Also if it is a UBE, check to see if the UBE has version overrides, specifically the version you are trying to debug. It could be that you are making changes to the template and the version you are trying to debug has been "disconnected" from the template due to version overrides.

You should probably also list your tool release and other system information in your post/sig. There may be something specific to your tools release that others are aware of and it can help you get an answer faster.
Thank Johndanter. I am 8.98. My release is what I see for me is E811\DV811\Specs I guess is the same approach I can delete all my files xdb and trying againg. Thank you