Is there any risk populating Promotion Id if Promotion System is not activated?

Randall Whiteman

We have a scenario where sales order files are imported from an external system, including Promotion ID and we would like to store this with the JDE Sales Order so it can be retrieved for analysis. From what I have read, I believe the Sales Order Detail Promotion Id (F4211.PMTN) is only used if the JDE Promotions System Flag is populated in Pricing Constants / Promotions Constants.

Will there be any adverse effects if we programatically populate F4211.PMTN, assuming we do not use JDE Promotions functionality?
If there is a concern, please suggest some edge case tests.

Thanks, Randall.
Short answer is try it and see. One of our customers populates the Shipment ID from an external system without using shipments or transportation. We ran through the code to check the impact and found on things like Ship Confirmation JDE does test for shipment number greater than zero for some code but then it also tests if the shipment actually exists and continues on without an issue if none is found.