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We've just gone live today and are discovering a problem with services on
our production box.
After the services have been up for a while, jobs begin erroring with
messages like this:

108750 Mon Jul 16 15:09:34 2001 ipcsysv.c675
IPC2100030 - createIPCSem failed, maxNumberOfSemaphores exceeded.

108750 Mon Jul 16 15:09:34 2001 jdb_utl1.c3616
Unable to get Mutex for report: PD7333R5542006TZDCSOFT78.

108750 Mon Jul 16 15:09:34 2001 runbatch.c820
Unable to get Mutex for report: R5542006 version: TZDCSOFT78.

maxNumberOfSemaphores was set to 200 in the JDE.INI by default; I've just
increased it to 400
to see if that will help. Two questions: is this really the problem? and
what do other people have this
parameter set at?

--Scotti Whitmire
DeRoyal Industries
Xe, SP15, AIX4.3.3, Oracle 8.1.6


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my client is running Xe, SP15_010 on AIX 4.3.3 . We have the same setting as you,
maxNumberOfSemaphores=200 .

We have not had the same problems. For some reason you are running out of Semaphores. Are you having a large number of UBE Queues/Threads? I read once that one should leave a window of 1000 Semaphores, counting from the start value. So 400 in your case should not be wrong.

Good luck, Gerd

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