UBEs stuck on " P " and created deadlock and zombies


Hi All

I have a question regarding one issue that happend recently. Basically one job was stuck on P status for a long time and created some deadlocks and zombies from UBE kernel. Because of this whole production stopped for 2 hours as it blocked everything in queue.

It was a BIP report with Print Immediate option turned on. We have some logs to ORacle but did not really received any root cause for this.

Logs are from UBE kernel.

6291484/1 MAIN_THREAD Fri Jan 29 02:01:12.452016 ipcmisc.c299
IPC2100030 - createIPCSem failed, maxNumberOfSemaphores exceeded 1000.

6291484/1 MAIN_THREAD Fri Jan 29 02:01:12.452174 jdb_utl1.c3051
JDB9900353 - Failed to initialize IPC for database lock : Error - 11


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Two possibility I can suggest.
1. Your sql box is not available more than 10 second. Due to backup etc. Ask your networking team. Or look sql exception in logs.
2. Do sp_who2 in sql analyzer to see if anyone lock the database. Look column blk


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What is the status of the Meta data kernel, is it going to zombie?

You may need to look at the number of process defined for Metadata kernel in jde.ini and increase it, if required.