Inventory Commitments


We seem to be experiencing 'bogus' inventory commitments on items. Since the Repost Active Sales Orders program only corrects those inventory commitments that have an open sales order, what are people doing to correct these bogus commitments? Or has anyone else experienced this problem?

We are co-existent, on an AS/400, A733 cum 11. We have been on JDE since June 2000.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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we have a similar issue coming from the purchasing side, which we address on
an as needed basis:

We run a commitment integrity report (J40910)
From this report, we purge then recreate commitment audit trail records in
the purchasing ledger file (J00purge and J00993 respectively).
Next, we re-post these to the G/L via J00932.
and lastly re re-run the integrity to make sure the problem was fixed.

Not all of these steps need to always be performed -- sometimes the purge /
and create steps don't need to be performed. We have also customized the
integrity report to show us the PO that has the problem.

A JDE Business partner told us that they run this process for every PO in
their files every night, but when I did this one time to do a major clean
up, it took more than all night to do it! So we just do it as needed now.

Perhaps Sales has some process that is similar??