Interoperability- Outbound process


Hi there!

This is Gabriel Sanchez from Monterrey, Mexico.

I would appreciate any help you can provide to me about an issue I have
about interoperability in OneWorld:

Let me explain it to you:

I am trying to get information from an interface table called F4101Z1.

I have already setup all of the needed Processing Options in Item Master
program (P4101), I have already defined the Transaction Type as JDEITEM in
certain UDC. It is supposed you can go through P0047 and define what you
want to do when a record is added, deleted or modified from an interface
table, according to the transaction type (JDEITEM in this case): In P0047
you can either setup to launch a UBE, or launch an external function.

In any case, the UBE or the external function will receive some
parameters. These parameters set up the key for the record in the interface
table, which was just modified, added or deleted. If you setup you want to
call an external function, a transaction will be added to the Subsystem
Queue (R00460 is executed). R00460 will extract the information from P0047
in order to determine which UBE or external function must be called.

I have defined in P0047, for JDEITEM Transaction Type, an external function
to be launched when a record is added or modified in F4101. At this moment,
I was able to add information into F4101Z1 file each time a Item is
changed, I was even able to get an external function executed each time
an item is modified. JDE says in interoperability hadouts, this external
function must be a .dll program which resides in the same location where
R00460 is executed (for my case, such dll program must be placed in the
enterprise server, cause there is R00460 executed ). I performed a simple
test, first, saving the dll input parameters into a .txt file, such test
was successful.

I moved over, I modified such dll, traying now to use OW APIs in order to
get F4101Z1 records, according to the input parameters received by the dll.
However, I have a problem: I performed the JDB_FetchKeyed API, but I didn´t
get the expected result, cause I only got the key fields back in the data
structure used retrieve information.

In such a case, I called the dll from an independent .exe file in order to
perform the test in a different way and research what was going on. I hard
coded the input parameters for the dll...but performing the test this way,
I get the correct result, I mean I can access all of the information in
F4101Z1 record.

I need the dll to be called from the interprise server, like in my first
test, not locally.

I am aware I have told you a very long history, but I hope any of you guys
can help me out.

If any comments, please send me an email. Anyways, if I can help you out
with any issue, let me know.

Thank you so much!!!