Intermittent Email delivery failures


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We are experiencing intermittent "Delivery Error" issues with our BI reports that send email. The email addresses are valid. Sometimes one will work and then other times it won't. We have had this particular report in production and working for a couple of years, so this known to have worked in the past. I am told there have been no changes that would affect this.

I am not a BI setup guy, so I have no experience with how embedded BI is setup for use with E1. What I am hoping to find is some BI server logs or an option to turn on some logging that would show more detailed information about why a delivery would end in "Delivery Error" status.

Does anybody know why this status is triggered?
Does anybody know how to view more detailed information about such an error (BI logs, etc.)?


is your SMTP server on-premise or "in-the-cloud" such as Microsoft.
We found that Microsoft's filters would sometimes decide our JDE SMTP emails were spam and block them.
eventual fix was to setup a little smtp server on-premise and point JDE to that.

Hope this helps.