Integrity issue 4111-0911-42119


Hi list,
we have crucial issue related with Sales Update. After we run sales update
we discovered that some lines from sales orders were not written in 4111 in
spite they were in 42119 and 0911 and in all other related tables. Honestly
we have worked on this issue for a week trying to analyse the items, lots
and other stuff. but nothing was discovered. I would not say that we have it
all the time but some times it happens.

Any ideas or ways out will be appreciated.


Michelle D.

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Are there any errors in the Employee Work Center?

Where do you relieve inventory? At sales update or ship confirm? If at
sales update, is the F41021 being updated?

Do you run sales update locally or on the server?

Do you run sales update at a time when no one is on the system?

Michelle Dulay

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