Integrated Address Validation?


How do others validate addresses in EnterpriseOne? We have a business requirement to validate and normalize addresses and are trying to figure out the best way to do so.

Four months ago, we thought we found the solution with the purchase of CLEAN_Address from Runner Technologies. Despite claims of an Oracle Validated Integration they have failed to deliver the product so we are starting over.
At the recent Quest User Group INFOCUS conference, we had an Address Book Roundtable session where we brainstormed the possibility of three different integrations using Composite Application Framework (i.e. Cafe One):
1. Google Maps - to confirm the location you're shipping to is a company, not a residence (or an empty field)
2. USPS database - although maybe the UPS database is better per the previous poster
3. IRS database - for TIN matching

Hope this helps!
Hi Jim,

Just to clarify, our experience was that UPS was somewhat inadequate. Experian uses USPS internally through an agreement with them - based on what I have read, "normal" users should not use their service (unless certain conditions are met) as it is a violation of their license agreement. The Cafe1 approach assumes that a (smart) human will be validating the addresses based on the information they see on the screen. This will not work for addresses created through a back end process.