Installing ASU

Terry B

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Hi List

I am having a problem installing an ASU we created using Product Packaging.
During the CD creation we define the DD, Menus and UDC's to include on the
CD. Product Packaging puts the values in the Change Tables (eg F960004,
F960005, F9751 etc) which are included in the Access DB shipped with the CD.
There are no errors during the Product Packaging.

To test the CD we install the package as an ASU to our deployment server.
I've executed the install program and started OW under JDEPLAN. In the ASU
Workbench, I checked in the "Update Control Tables" row exit and saw UDC's
etc that I had installed two months ago. By digging around I found that the
Row Exit is showing the contents of the F960004 and F960005 in the
JDEB7.mdb. Why?

I would like to point out that both the CD installed two months ago, and the
current cd have the same From Release and To Release.

Here is my question:
Why does this row exit show me these values, and not the contents of the mdb
that is shipped with the cd. Are my OCM's wrong? Do I need to set up a
Data Source to point the shipped db?

Any pointers/tips are gratefully accepted.

Thanks in advance

OW XE SP14.2
ES=AS400 V4R5 (with Central Objects), DS=NT4.0 SP6. Fat Clients only

XE, SP14.2, ES=AS400, DS=NT4.0


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Terry :

Though I've never done my own ASU; I'm quite sure that you ought to
create your own Data Source for your MDB.
Take a look at your Deployment Control Panel, you'll realize that
every ESU and ASU creates its own Access ODBC entry (OneWorld SU - *** )


Terry B

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Re: RE: Installing ASU

Thanks for the suggestion Sebastian. The Data Source was there.

I managed to figure out what was causing the problem.

The ASU process copies the Change Table values from the ASU DB, into JDEB7.MDB. I discovered our problem wss due to the fact we were using the same "To Release" and "From Release" as the prvious installation. This is the cause of our problem, and have since changed the way we use Product Packaging.

Thanks again

XE, SP14.2, ES=AS400, DS=NT4.0