Impressions of HR and Payroll

Has anyone worked with JDE HR and Payroll? How was the implementation? Did the users like the product?

What problems should I expect to encounter?

Any information would be helpful.



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Ha! Glad you asked. We installed OW with Canadian Payroll in Jan 2000. We
finally ran our first flawless payroll in March 2001 - exactly 1 year and 3
months later. Lesson learned - if you're gonna run OW payroll then run it in
Xe, all the bugs should be worked out by then. The HR in Xe is pretty good
as workflow has some key enhancements over B733.2. Payroll has a lot of set
up and calculations but the overall process is pretty simple.


Colin Dawes, MSc
City of Guelph
B7332 SP13.1, Oracle 8.1.6, NT 4.0, Fat & WTS


We use both HR and Payroll. I wasn't here for implementation but I heard it
was a disaster. Now that everything has been smoothed out it is like the
energizer bunny... just keeps going and going. From what I understand too
the HR portion has alot of nifty things in it... It is the one thing that
is stable w/ us now.

Just a tip. DO NOT put any ESU of any flavor, shape or form on unless you
really know that it won't touch payroll.

Also when it came time to do W-2's and end of year - it was researched for
many many months but it went off w/o a hitch.... wonderfully.


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We started implementing JDE HR and Payroll in October of 1999 - Finally went
live in January of 2001. We have found MANY bugs with B733.2 and have had
to implement MANY ESU's. Problem is that each ESU seems to fix one problem
and break another. JDE has been working hard to get the problems fixed but
it seems as if they do not test throughly before they send out the ESU. We
have spent a lot of money on our technical resources and consultants to
debug JDE programs so they can fix them.

When the product is working - the users seem to like it.

Lori Waybright
[email protected]
Inland Empire Paper Co.

B733.2 - SP 10.1 - SQL 7.0 - NT 4.0 - Optio


Hi there!

What version of OW are you currently using? We are planing to upgrade to XE
just to implement HR and Payroll.


Miguel Rodriguez
Puerto Rican Cement Company, Inc.


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Lori, is your B733.2 install of HR/Payroll currently working perfectly? If
not I would suggest installing a service pack > SP 13.X. You'll also need
the following SAR's/ESU's

4116422 PAYROLL
3670536 PAYROLL
3670309 PAYROLL
4090550 PAYROLL
4610076 4610076 PAYROLL Plan Master Rates
4647688 4663611 PAYROLL Pre-payroll Tax Calculation
4635134 4635134 PAYROLL Basic-Compensation
4690740 JD6163 PAYROLL Provincial Tax Amount
4617964 JD5750 PAYROLL Quantum Tax Calculation
4774329 JD6370 PAYROLL Tax ID & Tax Integrity
4832082 JD6839 PAYROLL Deleted Tax ID
4535441 JD5287 PAYROLL Correct Journal Entry Issues
4882135 JD7324 PAYROLL DBA Setup
4876659 JD8348 PAYROLL DBA Calculation
4677730 JD6822 PAYROLL DBA Dates
4724268 4724268 PAYROLL Modeless Removal
Various JD8522 PAYROLL Various


Colin Dawes, MSc
City of Guelph
B7332 SP13.1, Oracle 8.1.6, NT 4.0, Fat & WTS


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Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into these SAR's/ESU's. I am a
little nervous to install anymore ESU's - seems each one we install seems to
cause other problems. Currently things are going okay, I don't think I
would say perfectly. What does Service Pack 13.x do for us?? I have seen
so many scary stories on this list about service packs that I am a little
uneasy about upgrading. My understanding I would have to redo all of my
optio stuff for this new service pack, also.

Is your Payroll working perfectly on service pack 13?



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payroll does (after 15 months) run perfectly here on B733.2 SP 13.1. Our JDE
payroll consultant is so pleased he's doing summersaults. As for putting on
more ESU's I sense your fears. I have put in over 130 ESU's just for Payroll
alone. Everytime I put in a new Payroll ESU it would fix the problem but it
would break something else. However, eventually all the problems went away
(15 months and 150+ Payroll ESU's later). Luckily, JDE has incorporated most
of the ESU into one mandatory ESU so you should only need to install 10-15

If you run payroll then I suggest that you check the HR/Payroll section of
Breaking News in the JDE Knowledge Garden. This has always been my inside
source as to 'what else ain't working'. Here you'll find specific SAR's for
any Payroll install on > SP13.1.

I would also use the new Software Update Centre to search on all ESU's after
the build date of the mandatory ESU's. It's a tedious process but most
likely you'll find a SAR and an ESU that describes your problem. I haven't
needed to do this yet as everything seems to be working fine.

My reasons for going to SP 13.1 were not really for Payroll but for the
improvement in stability, development tools fixes and the roll back of the
ESU enhancement. I am planning to go to SP 15.1 at the end of June (one
month after it comes out). I don't really have a choice as I need a header
file fix for Vertex. I could get this as a one off for the current SP but I
also have other issues that are corrected in SP 15.X.

Good Luck and I hope you get paid on time.


Colin Dawes, MSc
City of Guelph
B7332 SP13.1, Oracle 8.1.6, NT 4.0, Fat & WTS